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    Cangzhou Spiral Steel Pipes  Group Co.,Ltd. Which established on the year of 1994. With the concern and support of the masses of customers and friends, the staff of Cangzhou Spiral Steel Pipe Group  has achieved the "the domestic leader company,internationally excellent company". Our strong company with vigorous strides and hard work, constantly strive to become stronger.Keep the faith,proceed by steady steps ,Cangzhou Spiral Steel Pipe (Group)Co.,Ltd.will Continue to grow in the domestic and foreign markets, open up a huge territory belongs to Cangzhou Spiral Steel Pipe (Group) Co.,Ltd.

    Looking back 19 years’ development, Cangzhou Spiral Steel Pipe (Group) Co.,Ltd.hold “people oriented,cooperation and mutual benefits” as his idea, took “technological innovation, feedback the customer, make contributions to society” as this purpose, Cangzhou Spiral Steel Pipe (Group) Co.,Ltd carry out technical innovation actively, always put customers first. With the help of high-end talent, quality product and efficient serve, Cangzhou Spiral Steel Pipe (Group) Co.,Ltd. enhances core competitiveness continuously, has obtained the remarkable result.

    Face the future, we will put the customer first continuously, based on the enterprise own development, continue to strengthen our management, carry out energy conservation and emission reduction earnestly, take out the deepened reform continuously, strengthen the independent innovation, make the Spiral Steel Pipe as our major industry and develop the relevant industries , make our great efforts to build Cangzhou Spiral Steel Pipe (Group) Co.,Ltd.

We will create our own development model, pursue the quality first as our development road, forge ahead, make greater and new glory!

     President and general manager: Sun Tieling

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