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    Cangzhou Oukai Pipeline Anti-Corrosion and Thermal Insulation Engineering Co.,ltd locate at No27,Beihai Road, Development District,Cangzhou City,Hebei Province.It occupies 70,000 square meters,there are 108 employees and 18 of them are Senior engineer,which is a large professional company mainly undertaking anticorrosion and thermal insulation of pipes. Cangzhou Oukai Pipeline Anti-Corrosion and Thermal Insulation Engineering Co.,ltd, Cangzhou Double Dragon Steel Pipe Co., Ltd, Cangzhou Derry Fengda International Trade Co., Ltd and Inner Mongolia Zhengyuan Steel Pipe Co.,ltd,belong to Cangzhou spiral steel pipes Group Company.
   Oukai company has many advanced international anticorrosion and thermal insulation production lines and special equipments. At present,our company can undertake various of external coatings project for steel Pipes,single or two-layer fusion bonded epoxy power (FBE),2PE,3PE,2PP,3PP. In addition, we can supply various paint anticorrosion: e.g. GZ-2 high polymer coating, propenoic acid coating, IPN8710 non-toxic coating, Organic silicon resistant high temperature coating, epoxy tar coating, epoxy coating, and internal coating of cement Mortar. We mainly apply for standard DIN30670,DIN30671, AWWA C210、CECS10-89、Q/CNPC38-2000、SY/T0414、SY/T0315、SY/T0447、SY/T0413、CJ/T114、CJ/T120 etc.
    Besides,our company can undertake various heat preservation of steel pipes, mainly including black jacket polyurethane heat preservation, yellow jacket polyurethane heat preservation, Rock wool insulating, Calcium silicate insulation, aluminum silicate insulation, Magnesium silicate insulation. Anticorrosion and thermal insulation pipes in our company can use in Marine facilities, oil and gas engineering, hydropower stations, power station, heating companies,water conveyance project.,and so on.
    Our company put the coustomer first,see quality as life. Employing advanced production experience of senior engineer,we carry out the quality management from up to down service,achieved quality control of sandblasting derusting,anticorrosion and finished goods inspection. We get the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification and "honest and credible advanced institution " honors.
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